NYC Chocolate Show 2009

matthew Choc Show Demo 3

Matthew Tivy Presenting Cocoa Vin Recipe at Chocolate Show

Matthew Chocolate Show Demo 2

I was honored to be asked to present my recipe for Valrhona Cocoa Vin at the 2009 NYC Chocolate Show on October 31st.

It was a crazy weekend in NYC with the convergence of Halloween and the NYC Marathon (I’ll do a separate post for that when I get my photos).

cocoa vin at choc show

Mini Valrhona Cocoa Vin

You can find the recipe for the Valrhona Cocoa Vin in my post of January, 2009

For more info on the International Chocolate Shows:

Here are some other photos from the show:

choc show

Tempting Chocolate Display

jacques torres

Renowned Pastry Chef Jacques Torres

choc show clown


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4 responses to “NYC Chocolate Show 2009

  1. He plays guitar, he sings, he runs marathons, he makes an unbelievable cocoa vin…is there anything Matthew Tivy can’t do?

    • matthewtivy

      I can’t act ;-)

      • Mike Tivy

        My name is Mike Tivy and am a decendent of a Thomas Tivy ,circa 1780,
        From Toronto, Canada. I was tought to cook at age 4 by my Grandmother during WW2. We lived in Detroit and my dad was away at war. I have owned 1 restaurant and managed a few more. Now retired and live in the Texas Hill Country. I think good cooks runs in our genes.

  2. Very nice website and Article! Thanks!

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